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Hi there! I'm Rachael Charbonneau, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I believe in taking a wholistic approach to health. To me, holistic puts an emphasis on the whole body while wholistic takes into consideration the whole person, including one’s mind, body, spirit, and lifestyle — encompassing a person’s life as a whole.​ I use Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT) as a coaching modality, encouraging people to connect to the things that matter to them, more often.

We often think of health as a goal to achieve — separate from ourselves. I believe our health isn’t separate from the rest of our lives. Our health affects everything we do, and everything we do affects our health. Does stress from your job or your relationship cause you to overeat or grab sugary, processed foods? Do ruminating thoughts affect your sleep? Do you feel as if you can’t experience joy until you “fix” or “solve” a problem going on at work? As we work together we’ll look at all aspects of your lifestyle, not just the food on your plate, gaining an awareness of how they affect your health, and incorporate the concepts of health and wholeness into every part of your life. We’ll uncover your personal values, encouraging you to connect to them, showing up to the things that matter most to you, more often, even, and especially, when it's uncomfortable to do so.

I support humans experiencing stress from life circumstances; including, but not limited to, burnout, a recent diagnosis, managing a chronic condition, caretaking, processing a lifestyle change, making a lifestyle change, and more. I encourage a space of awareness building, helping clients get in touch with their bodies’ needs and develop a self-awareness to make the best decisions for themselves in any given circumstance. I help people uncover their personal motivations, figuring out what works best for them so they can start to move towards the things they care about more often.

I believe most people are living life at a portion of their potential and connecting to what matters to them more often can reduce stress, moving them into better mental and physical health. I take a practical and individual approach with clients, holding a compassionate, open-minded, and non-judgemental space and meeting clients where they are at any given moment. Together, we create goals within reasonable time frames with reachable objectives with a client's values as their compass so they know what they’re working towards and what’s most helpful to get there.

Ready to make some changes? I offer a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Call where we discuss your current lifestyle, health concerns, goals, and what support might be helpful for you. Please fill out this application to set up an appointment.

Rachael Charbonneau


Rachael is a NBC-HWC Coach based out of Saratoga Springs, NY, seeing clients both virtual and in person. She is a coach training program developer and facilitator, and patient behavior change intervention and experience designer. As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with an extensive design background, Rachael designs and develops human-centered behavior change services for chronic condition management within the digital health space. She’s worked with a wide range of conditions including mental health, stress, migraine, pain management, digestive distress and IBS, weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, and prevention. She’s a versatile professional with over 10 years of experience, conceptual and strategic with a deep understanding of how to use design thinking to create meaningful experiences. She’s developed innovative solutions from seed ideas to full-fledged programs for healthcare technology companies, including Headspace Health and Walgreens Health, and has coached and trained business, healthcare, and coaching teams on best practices for behavior change. She facilitates ideation workshops, designs instructional onboarding programs, and learning experiences for products as well. 


She holds a compassionate, open-minded, and non-judgmental space. She is proficient in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Theory), has a background in RFT and process-based CBT, and coaches people to connect to and live a more values based life. She believes most people are living life at a portion of their potential and connecting to what matters to them more often can reduce stress, moving them into better mental and physical health. Some of her personal values include psychological safety, continuously learning and expanding her perspective, inclusivity, and being present for those around her, human and fur.

Rachael is an active individual, with a background in dance, movement, weight and cross training, and yoga. She obtained her 200hr RYT through Yoga Mittra under Shelley Williams, Suzy Nece, and Genevieve Pujalet, teaching yoga and meditation.

She hopes to influence people to question what they may know about wellness and stress, and take their health into their own hands by making it a lifestyle, rather than just a burdensome goal.

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