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Ready to take charge?

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Wellness programs dedicated to kicking your digestive distress to the curb

One on One Private Coaching Programs


Do you feel like you’ve been walking around, living life at half your potential?

Have you been struggling with your digestion and have a feeling there’s a way to lead a more normal life?

Are you suffering from unexplained acne, psoriasis, or eczema?

Are your PMS symptoms becoming increasingly harder to manage?

Are you tired out more than not?

Are you walking around feeling bloated, stressed, or just bleh?

Are you craving sugar or caffeine more than you think is normal?

Are you feeling like your brain is clouded?

Are you having a hard time making decisions?

Are you ready to take your health back into your own hands?

 If you answered yes to any of these questions, this may be your gut crying out for help, letting you know what you’ve been feeding it, both on and off the plate, may not be the most optimal for you at this point and time. Wholistic Belly Programs take a deep look at both your diet and lifestyle to figure out what's going on with your digestion from the inside out.

The Wholistic Belly Program's are designed for those who want to dig deep into the different facets of their life in order to make lasting changes. We will look at your secondary foods (what's on your plate) as well as your primary foods (relationships, career, physical fitness, spirituality) to see what works, and we'll make a plan to improve what doesn't.

We often times think of health as a goal to achieve — separate from ourselves. Wholistic Belly believes your health isn’t separate from the rest of your life. Your health affects everything you do, and everything you do affects your health. Does stress from your job or your relationship cause you to overeat or grab sugary, processed foods? Does lack of sleep prevent you from focusing or exercising? As we work together, we will look at all aspects of your lifestyle, how they affect your health, and incorporate the concepts of health and wholeness into every part of your life.


If you knew exactly which foods were causing you to bloat

If you could stop feeling so inflamed and 'bleh'

If you could actually get a full night of sleep

If your energy wasn't crashing mid-day when you need it most

If your periods were regular

If your PMS symptoms were slim to none

If you didn't have to avoid mirrors and had confidence in your own skin

If you didn't have to worry about wearing make up to cover up blemishes

If you had the freed up brain space to do big things instead of worrying about your health

If you felt GOOD and CONFIDENT in your body again

If you finally lost the weight you've been saying you've wanted to for years

Sign up for your FREE 30 minute discovery call

The Service

FREE 30 minute discovery call pre-program

(1) 90 minute Initial Full Comprehensive Health History Kick-off session
(replaces the first month’s first 45 minute session)

Each paying month you’ll get:
(2) 45 minute sessions, one every other week of each paying month
which will include a discussion of your progress,
recommendations, and a full set of notes.

Accountability health tracking journal and check-in's between
sessions via the GetHealthie platform. 

Unlimited questions through chat via GetHealthie platform

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 10.56.41

Accountability Journal App

NEW to Wholistic Belly program is an accountability app through GetHealthie. GetHealthie allows us to keep contact and track progress throughout the program. We’ll be able to track our meals and any thing going on around them (think: hunger levels pre and post meal, food mood, healthiness of meal, and a reflection on anything that comes up around the meal such as digestive pain or how fast or slow we were eating). We’ll be able to track our workouts and how they make us feel, images or selfie section for progress throughout the program, various metrics such as hours of sleep, daily water intake, stress levels, and more, and our health goals, both long and short term. 


We’ll use GetHealthie to file any forms we fill out, any session notes shared for us to look back on, to conduct our video sessions, and to keep in contact through the chat if questions, comments, successes, or lessons between sessions need to be shared. GetHealthie provides a way for us to keep in contact throughout the duration of our program together so we can feel fully supported to meet our goals.


—  Meike Hennon, Manhattan Beach, CA

"I recently needed a total reset in my health, fitness and energy. I am working mom and taking care of myself always comes last. I worked with Rachael for four weeks in which she created a personalized diet (planned menu and recipes), fitness goals and provided emotional support through coaching. The process was extremely motivating and helpful. Through her dedicated support and provided structure, I was able to find a healthy place in my life. Rachael is an amazing health coach whom I recommend."

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Pricing starting at

$249 month

- FREE 30 minute discovery call pre-program

- (1) 90 minute Initial Full Comprehensive Health History Kick-off session (replaces the first month’s first 45 minute session) 

Each paying month you’ll get: 

- (2) 45 minute sessions

- Accountability health tracking journal and feedback between sessions 

- Unlimited chat questions


  • You’re ready to reclaim your health

  • You want to optimize your digestion and start to heal your gut

  • You want to learn to cook simple, healthy meals, even through your busy schedule

  • You want to learn to listen to your bodies needs and how to satisfy those needs

  • You understand health is deeper than just what’s on your plate


  • You’re not ready or willing to make or take the  necessary time to make changes

  • You aren’t willing to try new things or to look at other areas of your life off your plate

  • You can’t set aside one hour, twice a month for yourself

  • You don’t have access to a smart phone or computer

  • You aren’t willing to meet virtually

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